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Winners at Cannes

by B-Reel
June 28, 2017

Ah, Cannes. The advertising event of the year.

Among the yacht parties, pool soirees, and fountains of rosé (which some sources say may come from a magical well in Nice) there was also a swath of incredible work at Cannes 2017. We were delighted to take home three Lions for our work to launch the newest Gorillaz album earlier this year and a Lion for our Pixel Live Wallpaper designs. We’re proud of our work, and also incredibly inspired by the work of others we saw at Cannes this year.

We took a look at the Grand Prix winners in some of our favorite categories to see what kind of work wooed the juries this year. We found the winners had several things in common: All included large-scale globally connected interactions, trended toward social good and focused on engaging consumers rather than selling to them. Also, shit got weird.


Transport Accident commission Victoria - Meet Graham

Graham is a “human” designed using car accident data for Transport Accident Commission Victoria. He shows us what a human being would have to look like in order to survive a low-speed car accident. We not sure we'd want to see what a being designed to survive a high-speed accident would look like.  Graham takes data visualization to a whole new, weird, cannot-be-unseen, level, and is used as an educational tool for up and coming drivers - lessons that may save lives.

Bank of Aland - The Aland Index / Baltic Sea project

The Aland Index is a super interesting data viz project that had an actual impact on the Earth itself. The Baltic Sea Project measured the CO2 impact of every credit card transaction for Bank of Aland cardholders - how much CO2 did that pair of shoes cost? The digital report is provided with the monthly statement and includes calls to action to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchases. People don’t typically associate financial products with environmental impact, but it turns out that transactions in the series of tubes does have a profound impact on our world.

Mailchimp - Did you mean MailChimp?

We loved this one for the insane amount of activations that were not blatantly branded. Parlaying off the now infamous mispronunciation of their name on a certain podcast, the company launched FailChips - pre-smashed chips that sold out almost everywhere, MaleCrimp - a men’s fashion hairstyle so outlandish it was covered in Vogue, and NailChamp - a nail art competition. Also launched were 3 short films called JailBlimp, KaleLimp, and Mailshrimp which played in theaters across the nation. They created an instrument called WhaleSynth which was made of just whale sounds, a musical duo called VeilHymn which turned out to be an actual pop sensation, and perhaps the weirdest - SnailPrimp, an “anti-aging” trend that actually had beauty bloggers covering their faces in snail slime. They initiated a paid search campaign, so when someone searched the name of one of these activations, they were brought back to MailChimp.

Promo & Activation:

Boost Mobile - Voting

Anyone with a pulse knows that 2016 was a weird year in politics globally - and very notably in the US. Boost Mobile realized that since the 2012 election 868 voting locations were removed in low-income and minority neighborhoods - and Boost had storefronts in most of those locations. They decided to take a stand and turn Boost Mobile stores into actual polling locations for the 2016 elections. They jumped through the mountain of bureaucratic hoops and created polling locations across the US. Turnout increased 23% in Boost precincts from the 2012 election. Boost saw a real community issue and contributed to solving it - and will continue to operate its stores as polling locations for upcoming elections.


Recruit Lifestyle Co. - Seem

The number one spot for weird shit goes to Seem - the app that measures sperm count. Yep. Targeted toward men in Japan, where the population may decrease by as much as 25% by 2050, Seem allows men to test their fertility at home, helping to overcome stigma of participating in fertility treatment. 33% of men who used the app actually went to a clinic so...guess there is an app for everything these days.

c/o Japan Times

Another year, another awesome roundup of the world’s creativity at Cannes. We’re inspired, excited, and unable to stomach rosé for at least a few more weeks.

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