Google Eclipse Megamovie

Client: Google


Crowdsourcing the study of the solar eclipse

August 21st, 2017 was the first total solar eclipse to travel across the U.S. in almost 100 years. The Google Making & Science team had the opportunity to study the eclipse like never before, and they needed to harness the power of our tech-enabled population to help them do it. 

We helped Google enlist “amateur astronomers” across the U.S. to photograph the eclipse as it traversed the path of totality. 

We created a film enticed enthusiasts to participate in documenting the eclipse by taking photos and submitting them to Google. The photos were then stitched together allowing scientists to study the sun’s atmosphere like never before.

We also created 8 mini films allowing anyone to experience the eclipse thru a viewer, mimicking the eclipse from west to east, all across the US.

The composite images were made publicly available and offered an expanded view of the total eclipse across the entire country.